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July 13 2012

June 13 2012

May 01 2012


harmattan package for openrdate, use "rdate -n some.ntp.server" to sync time with some ntp server
Tags: ntp openrdate

January 16 2012

Play fullscreen
N9 Disassembly

November 16 2011

October 18 2011

Customize the standby screen with a 120x120 PNG, set in the GConf key /desktop/meego/screen_lock/low_power_mode/operator_logo
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October 17 2011

PySide Assistant

Tool to easily create .debs for deployment from a Python source package - also, this can be used to initialize your Python-based project for the first time.

Free apps by thp in Ovi Store

Shameless plug: Check out these free games and locally relevant apps in the Ovi Store :)

October 16 2011

Ignore folders in tracker

It's a bit annoying to have all Music covers in gallery and all gpodder podcasts in music.
The tracker config is in:

Have a look on the IgnoredDirectories option.

I'll play around with this a bit to find a good config and post it here.

Tags: tracker

First attempt to get Jabber working on N9

N9 has support for the "gtalk" protocol which is the same as xmpp, but there is no graphical way to login your jabber account for the moment.

Here are some tips how to add an account the non-graphical way.
There are still some problems with this solution (cannot start chat from gui, no account name, imports buddies as email)

/home/developer $ mc-tool add gabble/jabber <alias> string:account=foo@someserver.com string:password=bar  string:server=jabber.someserver.com bool:require-encryption=1  bool:ignore-ssl-errors=1
(Not sure what the alias exactly do)

# list all accounts
mc-tool list

mc-tool enable "<the account string shown after creation or in list>"

to remove an account use mc-tool remove <accountname>


thanks to albert for finding this out
Tags: xmpp jabber
Dank der großzügigen Hilfe von thp konnte heute der erste funktionierende Prototyp von gotovienna fertig gestellt werden. Ein großes Danke an thp für sein tolles Gui.
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Connect to eduroam in Harmattan

Just started to play around with the new Nokia N9.

One thing which is a bit tricky at the moment is wifi.
The newer one of my Fritzboxes seems to be a bit incompatible with the wifi chip of the N9 (maybe it's the n), the old one works.

It's also always a bit of an effort to setup eduroam connection, if you don't know exactly what to activate in the settings.

Here's how I managed to get it work on University of Technology Vienna:

ssid: eduroam
security method: WPA EAP
cert: none
EAP method: MSCHAPv2
Username: user@domain
Password: yourpassword

 -> Advanced settings

Manual username: same as username
require client auth: no
wpa2 only mode: no
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October 11 2011

Small drag&drop example

Draws a red rectangle which is dragable.
Changes opacity while dragging.

Rectangle { id: container width: 600; height: 200 Rectangle { id: rect width: 50; height: 50 color: "red" opacity: (600.0 - rect.x) / 600 MouseArea { anchors.fill: parent drag.target: rect drag.axis: Drag.XAxis drag.minimumX: 0 drag.maximumX: container.width - rect.width } } }
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